Attraction Momentum

A man's striped shirt
Oh WOW! A shirt!!!

After a week of quite serious posts, this is quite a frivolous post.  It is also extremely short!!!
Suffering from attraction momentum! – When you like enough things about someone, you suddenly like everything about them. And everything is amazing. And everything is outstanding. And everything is brilliant!  His hands are like – so nice!  And that accent – man, I would happily listen to that voice all day!  (I would say that I would want to drown in his voice, but I would also quite like to stay alive!)  And as for his hair, surely it is spun gold!  (Er – wrong colour.  Erm, black gold?!  Brown gold?!!!  Rest assured I would of course know exactly whatever colour the hair might be!)  Oh look, today he’s wearing a shirt!  Oh WOW!!! (Tomorrow)  So today it’s a jumper! (Sighs!) Oh my!!! Has any man ever worn a jumper before, in the history of the world?! 

To be fair to myself, I do go around looking for positive things to admire in people anyway, so if you combine this tendency with strong attraction then this kind of over-excitement at smallish things is almost inevitable. I know it’s kinda silly, but it’s also the kind of thing that I am not going to beat myself up about – rather recognise it in myself, and laugh about it!

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