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A few more essential posts, these ones taken from Tosin’s Bible Blog (main blog):

It has been such a long time since I seriously wrote on Tosin’s Bible Blog.  My preoccupation recently has been Huggie-Wuggie.
However, these are a few essential posts that I can think of regarding my faith and how I approach it

1. God versus Science:  Attempting to demonstrate why the reality of science does not in any way whatsoever disprove the existence of God
 Yes I am a Creationist, and proud of it
Well of course I would be a creationist!  I’m the kind of person who thinks “if the Bible says it, then I believe it!”  Furthermore, I believe that if we were to start allegorising parts of the Bible such as the Genesis account of creation, that would erode confidence in the Bible as the infallible word of God.  Rereading it, it is only about dinosaurs, it does not really cover much else!  I’ve always loved dinosaurs!!  Tosin-Rex!!  (Hee hee!)

2. The love of God – and genocide
Answering some difficult questions about those times God told the Old Testament Israelites to wage war against other nations

3. Tosin’s Faith Manifesto
Trying to express who I am, who I want to be in God.  Rereading it just now it is a little bit rambly, but hopefully you’ll be able to make some sense out of it!

4. Vindication of Female Leadership in the church
I really believe that women have been called to the highest expression of Christian leadership in the New Testament Church.  This post lays out my argument

5. Tosin’s Bible Blog versus man-made theology
this is a very unsubtle rant against mainstream Evangelical Christians such as the wonderful and lovely people I met in Christian Union at Uni, and those people I met in Evangelical Christian churches since then.  I am not being totally sarcastic; many of these people were sincerely wonderful and lovely.  However many of them…were not, let’s be candid!  All pretentious, overly wordy theology…and no actual Christlikeness

6.  You are what you think
Yes I am as obsessed with the notion of character on my Bible Blog as I am on this blog!

7. When Christians are gracists!
I have experienced *so much* (un)exciting racism from supposed Christians!  Yummy!  And on my Bible blog, please make no mistake, I rant unapologetically about it.  However, this particular post is trying to see things from a more gracious perspective

8. Free free free! 
I am immensely allergic to the idea of making money from my faith

9. Why I am “religious”
Strictly speaking, along with many Christians, I don’t like to describe myself as “religious”.  Rather I am in a relationship with the living God.  This very short and sweet post explains why I believe in God, why I am committed to His ways etc

10.  How joining a church is like entering a marriage  
Man, I have had serious church issues!

11. Status Quo Christianity
I must admit that I just released myself to ranting in this post. You have been warned!

12.  Why I believe in raising the dead. 
I know this is kinda weird, possibly sounds a little creepy, but I truly believe in the power of God for seeing miracles done. Literally raising the dead is to me the ultimate expression of God’s power on earth, and I would love to see this particular miracle happen with my own eyes! Clearly God can do it, if He created this whole universe in seven six days!

13.  A huge personal lapse in integrity
I hate to have to include this post!  However it describes one of the worst things I have ever done (that I will admit to!), when I completely betrayed my own commitment to God.

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