Sorry for mixed messages about hugs!

Puppy and kitten huggingSorry for giving mixed messages about hugs so that in one breath I say “No hugs!” and then in another breath talk about running into your embrace. 
On reflection, the conclusive answer about hugs is there are after all to be no hugs, at all!  
After all this, and considering that I love hugs so much, it seems like the most natural way of sealing up this whole thing and redirecting it in the direction of friendship.  This is probably why my mind always seems to take me there. But this is also why I have to be so cautious. Obviously this is not friendship directed at just anyone, but rather at someone to whom I happen to be immensely attracted.  Any instance of physical contact between us could only be problematic because of various feelings and thoughts it might provoke. 

So emphatically, no hugs!!! No hugs!!! No hugs!!!! 🙂

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