About Me

About me:
I am a born-again Christian blogger, webdesigner and entrepreneur. Above all, I live for Christ, even above my deeply-longed for future marriage! I also like to think up “easy” solutions to difficult problems. I think a lot about marriage and relationships, but then I think a lot about many things. I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer and had my head in the clouds. Now I can put down some of these thoughts and make something useful of them! 🙂

About this blog:
This blog is intended primarily for people who are yet to get married, to give them some pointers about how to think ahead to marriage, and how to plan for what will hopefully be a fantastic marriage.

How this blog came about:
For a long time, I had been thinking to myself about marriage; frustrated at the huge gamble that it appeared to represent; thinking that there must – there simply must be things that you can do before marriage to enhance the probability of a successful marriage – and also to avoid a potentially disastrous marriage. Before marriage possibly the most important thing you can do is to make sure that you are making the right choice of spouse. But then when things start going sour, how do you know whether the marital problems are due to a possibly wrong choice of spouse, or possibly other factors? In other words, even in the face of various storms, how can you remain certain that you made the absolute best choice of spouse available and that your choice of spouse is not itself the cause of your current problems? (In a word – character!)

This blog aims to answer these questions, and many more. The reason that I believe that the point before marriage is the best time to think through these things is because you still have the freedom to walk away from a potentially ill-matched spouse, or deliberately create a thorough foundation for your marriage. There are many things you can still do after the wedding, of course, but if you have made a bad choice of spouse then you are essentially “stuck” with that bad choice.