Stages – Married


Have you already found your Mr or Mrs Huggie-Wuggie, and walked down the aisle into a future filled with dreams? Here are a few thoughts which you might find useful:

I’ve put this category at the top for the sake of people who are ready to give up on their marriages.  Please please take the few minutes to read through a few of these posts.  Hopefully you will feel agree that things are probably not as bad as you had thought. You’ve already invested so much time and effort into your marriage – why not invest these extra few minutes?

Some other things you might like to think about:

Adultery – I mean avoiding it, of course!  Also, dealing with it if unfortunately it has occurred in your marriage

Extending grace to your spouse



Family life and children

Marital communication

Marital conflicts

Marital negativity

Prayer within marriage

Working on your marriage

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