Sexual Purity

This page links to posts which are all about maintaining sexual purity.

In brief summary, these are Bible standards of sexual purity:
Sex and sexual activity are restricted to legally married couples, where one member of the married couple is a fully grown man, and the other is a fully grown woman.  Between a husband and his wife, all sexual activity is to be fully consensual: this includes firstly the act of getting married itself, and then any individual sexual act within the marriage.

Any sexual activity that falls outside these boundaries is biblically sinful.

Most Christians will agree that they believe in Biblical standards of sexual purity.  And yet, sexual lapses continue to happen with predictable regularity among Christians, not only between single, unmarried Christians, but often also involving even married Christians.

I believe that the challenge is not primarily about what you believe, but rather about deliberately structuring your life and habits to systematically avoid sexual temptation

Please watch this short video to get an idea of sexual standards from a Christian perspective:

My Guy Rules:  Read here about the guidelines I have put in place for myself to avoid finding myself alone with men.

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